Live to Reveal Your Essence.

a journey of awakening

The journey with me is a movement in consciousness, it is about breathing yourself vibrantly alive, awakening through your body and senses, loving with all of your being present and aware, enchanted by the beauty and magic that is your life, experiencing it with eyes wide open and a loving heart.

To live Consciously, knowing that Healing and Transformation can only happen from within.  A journey to live from your own truth a passionate life, loving who you are inside and out, live your life beyond limitations, to be courageous,  fearless & strong.

 I guide and inspire conscious women to reveal their essence, to live slow, be vibrantly aware through Yoga & Selfcare Living Practices. This is a journey to find your way back home, to create lasting emotional balance, and to transform any obstacles that may be blocking your evolution and success.

This is a passage to empowerment and vibrancy, through your own exploration and my experiential approach. I will guide & give you powerful tools for transforming your life and realizing your essence, inner joy & aliveness.


Life Shrinks or Expands In Proportion To Ones Courage._Anais Nin ​

Copyright Irana Ji An Fourouli 2020 ​
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